Google Satellite reveals you have an ugly roof

Roof-painting trend has neighbourhoods looking more colourful, gay


By Mondo Fernando, Staff Reporter 


In 2006 the introduction of Google Satellite made people in suburban neighbourhoods everywhere discover that the roofs on their houses all looked exactly the same.


Just imagine their shock.


In the past two years, the market for roof décor has experienced a surge in popularity as homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of how ugly their roofs are.


Peggy Schmidt, a nationally recognized Roof Style Consultant whose work has recently appeared in Elle Décor and Metropolitan Home, attributes the rise in popularity to Google Satellite – a free online service that allows everyone with an internet connection to obtain detailed satellite imagery of everyone else’s ugly roof.

“Because of the Google Satellite, homeowners are suddenly very self-conscious about their ugly roofs,” says Schmidt. “The days of roof when you could ignore your roof are over.”

Designers and architects are also encouraging the market’s increased popularity.  

“People are looking to use bold colors and dramatic patterns that will be visible from space,” says award-winning architect Isaac Simmons.

“The result is extremely gay looking neighbourhoods.”


Major designers such as Martha Stewart have embraced the new trend by introducing special roof paint.


“It’s an exploding market,” said Mark Greenly of Martha Stewart Canada. “Our most popular colours are pastels which add to the gayness of the trend.”


Experts say the boom in the roof décor industry has been the most important result of satellite technology, second only to the telecommunications revolution and government spying.



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