Seven-month-old baby posted for auction on EBay

Public outraged at low asking price


By Beth Johnson, International Correspondent


BERLIN – Authorities in Berlin have taken custody of a seven-month-old boy after his parents posted an ad on EBay offering to sell him for one euro (US$1.57).


Police spokesman Peter Hieber says the baby was placed in the care of EBay Care Services, a branch of the corporation that looks after unwanted people and animals.


Baby being actioned online asked for only 1 Euro -- a disgraceEBay’s Rules and Regulations clearly stipulate that for children under one year old, the bidding must start at a minimum of 2.5 Euros.


“This is an outrageous case of poor parenting and poor judgment,” commented Hieber. “That baby was worth at least 3 Euros.”


Hieber said today that the mother told police the Internet ad was only a joke. Legal experts doubt that this excuse will hold up in court since everyone knows that Germans have no sense of humour.


No offers were made for the child in the two hours the ad was posted, as he was clearly still too young to be a productive worker.


In many parts of Asia and the Middle East, EBay is commonly used for buying and selling children for work in fields, factories, and sweatshops at very reasonable prices.


Hopefully, in time, this trend will make its way to the West.



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