“Sex and the City” The Movie: (Groan) Not tonight, honey

Put your thinking caps on (haha, just kidding)


By Sidney Hedley, Entertainment Editor


NEW YORK – Will Carrie and Mr. Big finally get married? That is the big question “Sex and the City” fans hope is answered when the long-awaited film hits theatres this week.


Get ready for the intellectual thought-piece of the year!For the rest of us, the big question is: “Do we really have to sit through more of this?”


Four years after the series ended, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are back to dazzle fans with more mindless banter, insipid gossip, pretty clothes, and obsessive dating in a full-length feature film.


“Fans can expect the joy and the whimsy and the clothes and the cocktails and the salty language,” said actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie and also produced the movie and TV series.


“We really fought hard to resist any intelligent content beyond the vapid drivel that sustained the show for six seasons,” she said.


Based on Candace Bushnell’s columns in the New York Observer, the TV series won eight Golden Globes and seven Emmys, despite setting the women’s liberation movement back decades.


Speaking about the central role played by fashion in the movie, Parker said that all of her character’s clothes blah blah blah, and something something something about shoes or purses.


Despite the success of the TV series, Parker said it was still a struggle to get the movie made. (A movie about 40-year-old women having sex? Really?)


There was also the problem of signing up all the stars, since some of them had gone through divorces, grown old and haggard, become lesbians, and so on.


And while early reviews of the film have been mixed, critics expect it to still be a hit.


“We are confident that devoted fans will love it,” said writer and director Michael Patrick King in an interview with the Pundit.


“Don’t put this in your article, but most of the plot is recycled ideas from the show. We even used some of the lines word-for-word.”





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  1. effing brilliant.

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