Bean-filled tortilla key issue in immigration dispute

Americans struggle to reconcile love for burritos with hatred for Mexicans


By Mondo Fernando, Staff Reporter


EL PASO – With immigration expected to be a key issue in the 2008 election, debates over deportation of illegal immigrants from Mexico have intensified in recent months.


Protestors waving signs such as this one have been campaigning actively against anti-burrito measures.Federal investigators have been cracking down on restaurants in southern states that hire illegal aliens.


“It’s a big a dilemma,” said Detective John M. DiPietro in an interview. “We hate dirty Mexicans, but we can’t get enough of their delicious burritos.


On Tuesday, two men and two women were arrested at Pepito’s Mexican Restaurant in Miami for working without permits.


“This is an outrage!” shouted protestors outside the jail where they were being held. “Pepito’s makes America’s Best Burritos! We will starve without them!”


Similar protests have flared up in cities across southern states surrounding this issue.


“We are really struggling to reconcile the supply of burritos that Americans depend on with effective border security,” DiPietro said.


The issue is particularly sensitive in Texas, where it is common practice to eat the bean- or beef-filled wraps not just at every meal, but several times a day in between meals as well.


With white Americans completely incapable of making a decent burrito, this issue is expected to remain at the heart of future immigration debates.


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