Parents association calls for video game ban

Dropping of large geometric blocks clearly glorifies sex and violence among youth


the video game that glorifies gratuitous violenceBy Stephen Mueller, Staff Reporter


OAKVILLE – Concerned parents in this quiet bedroom community have called for a province-wide ban on video games following a series of dangerous and sometimes violent incidents over the past month. The call for a video game ban comes on the heels of the release of Tetris, a wildly popular game criticized by some for its gratuitous recklessness.


The call for the ban gained urgency after a tragic accident this past weekend that left two people in hospital. A driver and passenger were seriously injured when colourful, concrete tetracubes were dropped on to the highway by an Oakville street gang whose members are obsessed with Tetris.


Despite the appalling, violent behaviour that it promotes, Tetris continues to be the hottest video game on the market and is getting rave reviews. Some retailers have even had special hours so fans could buy the games as soon as it came out this past week. And on the online auction site eBay, copies of Tetris are selling for up to $30 above the game’s list price.

Tetris glorifies violence by allowing gamers to drop geometrical blocks from the sky,” said a spokesperson from the Ontario Provincial Police. “But the game leaves out the consequences of such behaviour, like flattening pedestrians.”


The game promotes extremely irresponsible behaviour

The game is rated “M” for “Mature” because of the clear references to blood, violence, nudity, foul language, sexual content, use of drugs and alcohol associated with the dropping of large geometric shapes.

The “M” rating means that the game is only for those who are 17 or older, but enforcement of the rating is only voluntary.


While industry specialists argue that Tetris is harmless escapism, the Oakville Parents Association says that by promoting the strategic dropping of large objects, the game epitomizes the glorification of sex and violence that is causing the crumbing of our society’s fringes.


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