Man arrested for dealing drugs out of “Free Candy” van

“It seemed perfectly legitimate”: Eyewitness


By Sam Hagan, Staff Reporter


The van was parked beside Central Park for 42 hours before police realized it was a front for drugsWINNIPEG – Local deadbeat Carl Steele was arrested Thursday after he was caught selling marijuana from his van.


Steele’s red van, which features the words “Free Candy” painted on the side, had been parked beside Central Park for 42 hours, attracting local children and potheads alike.


Police say that despite the trustworthy appearance of the truck as a source for free candy, it was in fact a front for Steele’s illegal drug business.


“We watched the van for several hours after noticing some suspicious behaviour,” said an undercover officer with Winnipeg Police. “The young children would walk away looking disappointed, while thug teenagers would flock to the van and linger for several moments.”


After searching the van, officers found no candy whatsoever, not even a single gummy bear. What they did find was three grams of marijuana that appeared to be mixed with oregano.


“It came as a shock,” commented Linda Schiller, a mother of two small children who visits Central Park daily. “I encouraged my children to go to the truck for some candy. I would never have thought it was an illegal drug operation.”


“It seemed perfectly legitimate,” she added.


Aside from the charge of petty trafficking, police say Steele could be charged with more crimes, including false advertising, attempted pedophilia, and ownership of a suspicious-looking van.


Steele already faces charges of arrest evasion after he reportedly tried to stumble away from police while in a drug-induced stupor.


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3 responses to “Man arrested for dealing drugs out of “Free Candy” van

  1. I can understand how the cops were fooled. Even the spelling was perfect.

  2. If the oregano had been organic, would it count as an extenuating circumstance?

  3. What kinda parrent would trust a van with the written words Free candy on it?

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