Handful of anti-peace troublemakers interfere with noble Olympic tradition

Reports that Olympic torch was extinguished in Paris are groundless lies motivated by jealousy and capitalism

BEIJING — The torch relay, a proud and noble Olympic tradition, was disrupted this week by a handful of petty troublemakers who don’t respect the noble tradition and peaceful spirit of the Olympics.

Everyone love China and the Olympics!Despite minor disruptions by a handful of Tibetan separatists during the London and Paris legs of the Olympic torch relay, everything went as planned, and there was no criticism of the Chinese government whatsoever.

International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge himself condemned the unpleasantness that targeted the Beijing Olympic torch relay. In doing so, Mr. Rogge conveyed his high-minded appreciation of the fact that violence is only acceptable when it is committed by a government using all necessary force to crack down on unarmed demonstrators.

Several foreign media reports claim that the Olympic torch was forced to be extinguished during the relay in Paris. However, these reports are nothing but petty, capitalist lies from jealous runner-up host cities.

While the torch passed through San Francisco, certain minority special interest groups and some politicians attempted to hijack the glorious event by expressing certain anti-Olympic sentiments. China attaches great importance to the United States, primarily as a key export market for plastic objects, low-quality electronics, and contaminated children’s toys.

“When commenting on relevant issues,” Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu stated eloquently, “[American politicians] should draw clear line (sic) and be aware of abiding by norms governing norms (sic) of common significantly (sic) and political handlement (sic).”

The cunning veracity of this statement cannot be exaggerated.

Also exploiting the torch relay for personal gain has been the Dalai Lama, a well-known imposter and attention-seeking self-promoter who prefers violence to peaceful, one-sided dialogue.

Any accusation aimed at China only overlooks the true nature of this year’s Olympic host as a peace-loving, harmonious nation devoted to law and order. It is a well-known fact that the Dalai Lama and his revengeful clique are committed to disruptive and divisive behaviour to serve their own selfish interests.

But their attempts are doomed to fail.

No one fucks with the Middle Kingdom.

Reprinted with permission from Xinhua News Agency

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One response to “Handful of anti-peace troublemakers interfere with noble Olympic tradition

  1. blondo bernardino

    my (endoctrinated) thoughts exactly.
    someone (else) has been reading the china daily.
    copy and paste?

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